Canadian Social TV top 3 – week of Feb. 17

Here is the latest weekly analysis of the top three Canadian-made non-sports and non-news TV programs according to Seevibes’ number crunching (the methodology is briefly explained below).

The goal of this story, which is based upon information supplied to Playback by Montreal social TV analysis company Seevibes, is to help content creators to get a better sense of what is working in Canadian social TV.



















This week, Degrassi scored on social media with high drama and topical social issues, according to Seevibes. The second part of an episode entitled “Bittersweet Symphony”, in which one of the characters commits suicide, aired on Feb. 22. The episode was immediately followed by a special episode of MuchTalks: Degrassi at 9:30 p.m., which featured a conversation with the Degrassi cast and a Kids Help Phone counselor. Kids Help Phone in Canada also tweeted about suicide prevention and helpful resources, using hashtags for both #Degrassi and #MuchTalks, to continue and link the conversation on Twitter before, during and after the Degrassi episode. The MuchTalks website also features a Degrassi Kids Help Phone PSA.

Seevibes adds that the Degrassi team worked with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the U.S. on the episode, and after it aired published a list of resources via Facebook and Twitter to address suicide prevention.

Doyle, according to Seevibes, saw increased social media activity this week due in part to activity on the show’s Ride-Along app and the return of Scott Grimes and Alan Doyle to the show.

And Heartland, maintaining its Facebook audience engagement by posting pictures and video on the site, this week posted a picture of the show’s youngest character, Katie (which received more than 3500 “Likes”), and a 100th episode trip giveaway to meet the cast in Calgary.



  • Interaction is the number of all Facebook and Twitter activity (including retweets) about a show in English Canada during the 24 hours surrounding a program’s initial air date (since that is when most social media activity occurs).
  • Seevibes Score is a number, on a composite index scale of 1 to 100, which provides an overview of the relative value of the social audience of a TV show. It is calculated taking into consideration six variables: total impressions, market share, frequency, feedback level, action level and loyalty score.