B.C. Film + Media announces funding recipients

Among the recipients were Twofold Films Inc for Windy and Friends , CineCoup for its film development accelerator and Reel Apps Inc. for the Shot Lister App.

B.C. Film + Media last week announced the recipients for both the 2013 Interactive Fund and the Digital Media Development Envelope, both of which are joint efforts between B.C. Film + Media and the BC Arts Council.

The Interactive Fund, a non-recoupable advance of up to $50,000, supports the production of interactive digital media content owned and controlled by B.C. companies.

The successful applicants were Agentic Communications Inc. for Tree Up, CineCoup Media Inc. for CineCoup Film Accelerator, Eon Altar Productions Inc for Eon Alter, Fourcorner Publishing Inc for Color Magazine, Martin Gotfrit for The Veil of Nature, Reel Apps Inc. for Shot Lister App, Slant Design + Marketing Inc. for CityBits:Vancouver, Twenty Year Media Corp. – Qdup, Twofold Films Inc. for Windy and Friends, Zeros 2 Heroes Media Inc. for Centenary.

Meanwhile, the Digital Media Envelope funding, a non-recoupable advance of up to $25,000, was given to Erin Skillen of May Street Productions Ltd, Kevin Eastwood of Optic Nerve Films, Tina Pehme of Sepia Films Ltd., Melanie Wood of Stranger Productions Inc. and Alex Raffe of Thunderbird Films Inc.

The program provides film or TV entertainment companies with support for interactive digital media activities.