Cameras roll on Bunker 6

The dramatic thriller, written and directed by Greg Jackson and produced by indie Sheltered Pictures, is being filmed in a former military bunker in Debert, Nova Scotia.
guillame paumier - flickr creative commons

Production has begun on dramatic thriller Bunker 6 from indie Sheltered Pictures.

Written and directed by local Halifax director Greg Jackson, the film takes place inside a nuclear bunker.

Bunker 6 centres on a girl who has lived in a bunker since she was young. After the death of her father figure, also the bunker’s technician, she is left to take charge of the mechanics, while dealing with the vessel’s breakdown and being haunted by thoughts of the outside world.

The film, with an all Nova Scotian cast, stars Andrea Lee Norwood, Molly Dunsworth, Jim Fowler, Glen Matthews, Shelley Thompson and Daniel Lillford.

Bunker 6 is being filmed in a former military bunker in Debert, Nova Scotia. Jonathan Baha’i is providing set location support.

“The bunker setting sparked the idea for the entire script. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to go far to find our bunker. We’re thankful that everything came together, from financial support to securing the set in Debert,” said Jackson in a statement.

Bunker 6 is a recipient of $105,000 in production financing, as a recipient of the First Feature Project program through Film Creative Industries Nova Scotia and Telefilm Canada. The program provides financing to a producer for production of their first feature film.

The filmmakers in a statement said they have also received support from Blackbird filmmakers Jason Buxton (Blackbird‘s writer, director and producer) and Marc Almon (Blackbird‘s producer). The filmmakers, following Blackbird‘s wins at the Atlantic Film Festivan in September, donated their prizes to Bunker 6 as the recipient of the First Feature Project.

That’s a total of $18,000 in services ($8,000 sponsored by The Postman for best Atlantic feature and $10,000 sponsored by Panavision Canada for Buxton as best director). The film has also received in-kind services from Digiboyz and W.F. Whites.

Rebecca Sharratt is producing the film, with Bill Niven exec producing. Jessica Brown is on board as line producer, with Christopher Ball as DOP and Ewen Dickson as production designer.

Bunker 6 is shooting from Feb. 4 to 22 in Halifax.