CMF invests $4.2M in 19 experimental projects

Of the 19 projects, 12 received a total of $2.9 million in development funding, and seven received a total of $1.3 million in marketing support.

The Canada Media Fund on Thursday said it is backing 19 projects in the latest round of its experimental stream with a $4.2 million investment.

On the development side, 12 projects will be supported with $2.9 million in investment.

Development funding is put towards project conceptualization, development of its creative and technical elements, and drafting product proposals for business development and financing.

Those projects include Minority Media’s downloadable game Cali, receiving $225,000; Copernicus Studios’ downloadable game LANGA, receiving $492,981; and LVL Studio Inc.’s software app Purple, receiving $360,185.

And seven projects received a total of $1.3 million in marketing support.

Marketing funding is used for marketing and promotion of projects, including national and international campaigns, design costs, advertising and use of the internet for promotion or transactions.

Projects receiving marketing support include Frima Studio Inc.’s app game CosmoCamp, receiving $231,195; Fuse Powered Inc.’s Fuseboxx, an interactive app, receiving $330,585, and Creo Inc.’s Science en jeu, an interactive website and game portal, receiving $125,000.

A full list of development and marketing funding recipients is available here.