Epitome Pictures pulls plug on third season of The L.A. Complex


The L.A. Complex won’t be getting a third season, after all.

“We could not be prouder of this show, and we will not stop fighting to keep it going sometime in the future,” Stephen Stohn, executive producer at Epitome Pictures, told Playback Thursday in an email statement.

“But today we face the reality that this coming season there will be no further episodes in The L.A. Complex,” he added. Stohn posted his comments to Twitter after talking to Playback.

That reality was prompted by The CW on Thursday signaling it will follow the lead of MuchMusic in Canada and part ways with the soap about Canadians chasing the Hollywood dream in Los Angeles.

“We remain forever grateful to The CW and Bell Media and MTV International, and our fantastic writers, cast and crew for working with us to create such an engaging and memorable set of characters and stories,” Stohn said.

Playback first broke the news in early December that Bell Media would not be ordering more episodes of the homegrown series.

A first season of six episodes and a sophomore run of 13 episodes aired on MuchMusic and The CW stateside, with the second season audience on MuchMusic being well down on the first cycle.

The drama, written and directed by Martin Gero, was previously known as Highland Gardens, and starred Jonathan Patrick Moore, Joe Dinicol, Andra Fuller, Chelan Simmons, Cassie Steele, Benjamin Charles Watson and Jewel Staite.

The L.A. Complex was executive produced by Stohn, Linda Schuyler and Gero.