Global takes The Morning Show national


The news from Shaw Media’s winter schedule roll-out Wednesday is a Global News morning show going national in January.

“We will not only be the only national network to offer morning news from one coast to the other, but the only one with a national morning show,” Troy Reeb, senior vice president of Global News, told Playback.

The strategy is extending the Liza Frommer-hosted The Morning Show currently being shot in Toronto from coast to coast, daily from 9 am to 9:30 a.m.

Reeb said moving away from the traditional newswheel format to conduct a “national conversation” with political and celebrity newsmakers should connect with Canadians countrywide as The Morning Show dovetails with local morning news shows.

Global Television also gave details on its upcoming Big Brother Canada, to launch on Feb. 27 on Slice.

A giant house is being built on a soundstage, complete with 69 cameras to monitor the activities of the 14 house guests.

The series will air three nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday at 9 p.m., Thursday at 10 p.m.), with live eviction episodes on Thursdays.

There will also be a complementary Big Brother After Dark series to allow viewers to see how the house guests are faring through the night.

Big Brother Canada is the biggest production that any of us have been a part of,” Barb Williams, senior vice president of content at Shaw Media, explained.

Williams also touted the current Global Television schedule, which includes performers like Chicago Fire and Vegas.

“Fingers crossed, we will have some really long-lasting franchises,” Williams said.

The winter launch in Toronto included appearances by Global Television talent, including members of the Bomb Girls cast, and members of Real Housewives of Vancouver.