ABC shelves Shaftesbury drama Weird Desk

The move comes a week after the paranormal drama was given a 13-episode order for a summer 2013 launch.
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That didn’t take long.

A week after ABC gave the go ahead for cameras to roll on the UFO drama Weird Desk, the Shaftesbury series is back on the shelf.

A Shaftesbury spokesperson confirmed to Playback that the drama has been delayed after a failure to get Weird Desk to start production for a planned summer 2013 launch.

Fast-tracking the series threatened to raise costs on the Canadian drama.

Shaftesbury, which had a 13-episode order for the paranormal drama hatched by Los Angeles-based executive producers Tom Mazza and Maggie Murphy, added it will “revisit” the status of Weird Desk after pilot season.

The series from writers Carl Binder (Stargate) and David Titcher is based on alleged real-life and supernatural mysteries, and features a “weird desk” collecting mysterious intelligence from the CIA and the National Security Agency.

ABC Studios is to distribute Weird Desk.