Digi Awards announce 2012 nominees


The Digi Awards announced the 2012 nominees during a live interactive webcast Thursday afternoon.

Receiving nods for best in cross-platform fiction were Zed.TO, a transmedia adventure that unfolds across several online platforms and social media and connected with large-scale theatrical events; Hunted, an online campaign and website produced by Toronto-based Jam3 to help launch Cinemax’s new show Hunted; and Tout Sur Moi: L’au-revoir, an interactive web component to the TV show that launched as it aired its fifth and final season.

In cross-platform non-fiction, Secret Locations’ D-Day to Victory; the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Consortium’s digital coverage for London 2012 on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSOlympiques.ca; and CBC’s social TV series Cover Me Canada were nominated.

For best fictional web series, What are the Sevens? created by Secret Location and writer-director Jose Avelino Gilles Corbett Lourenco; iThentic and 3 o’clock.tv’s Guidestones; and Prison Dancer, from writer-director Romeo Candido, writer Carmen De Jesus and producer Ana Serrano all received nods.

For a full list of Digi Award nominees, including cross-platform kids, mobile gaming, and most promising new digital companies, click here for the nominee showcase.

The Digi Awards, which recognize ground-breaking Canadian digital media companies, projects, products and pioneers will be handed out Dec. 4 at the Carlu in Toronto.