Canadian Communications Foundation in funding pinch

The news came to light after the charity's annual meeting last week when it also named former broadcaster Pip Wedge as its president.
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The Canadian Communications Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing the definitive history of the national broadcasting industry, has announced it needs to find new sources of funding so its work can continue.

The foundation is a registered non-profit charity that was originally funded by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, and later supported through CRTC-approved benefits package grants from BCE and Astral.

“The foundation’s board will be taking early steps to address the need to generate new funding, so that its important work can continue,” it said in a statement.

It revealed the funding predicament late last week, after its annual general meeting, when it also unveiled its new board of directors.

Pip Wedge, a long-time CTV programming VP who retired from the broadcaster in the 1990s, has been promoted to president of the Canadian Communications Foundation. He previously was its VP.

Fil Fraser, a former broadcaster, film producer and author and currently adjunct professor of communications studies at Athabasca University, has become its VP. Former CTV executive Peter O’Neill remains as treasurer.

The other members of the Board, all former broadcasters or industry-related executives, are Ross McCreath, Jon Keeble, Jack Ruttle, Bruce Hogle, Ted Barris, Evelyn Ellerman and Craig Roskin.