Sask industry social media blitz praised


The Saskatchewan film industry’s one-day social-media attention-raising blitz is being called a success by its organizers.

“People were just really feeling badly for the media community in Saskatchewan,” said lead organizer Annelise Larson in a statement released after the Wednesday event.

Its #supportSKfilm hashtag sat atop Twitter’s Canada trending list for a large part of Wednesday, and garnered almost 1,500 tweets that had been seen almost 3.9  million times by well over 300,000 followers, the organizers said in a statement.

Meanwhile, its Facebook component reached an estimated 25,000 people with over 400,000 impressions. Approximately one-third of these Facebook users talked about the Saskatchewan film industry during the day, the said.

Furthermore, about 60% of the total audience for the campaign was from Saskatchewan, 32% came from elsewhere in Canada with the 8% from the US, U.K. and elsewhere.

National organizations such as the Canadian Media Producers Association, Writers Guild of Canada, Directors Guild of Canada, The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, and Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists also got involved, as did industry  businesses and Corner Gas actors Brent Butt and Lorne Cardinal, who reportedly tweet messages of solidarity and support.

Last spring Saskatchewan terminated the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit program and replaced it with a non-refundable tax credit.

Image courtesy SaskFilm