The Morning Show makes it all better

Coffee and music are instant pick-me-ups for those who resist the early morning hours of the day.

Global TV’s news program, The Morning Show, wants to include itself in the mood-enhancing equation, stating in its new ad campaign that “we can’t make you a morning person, but we can make your mornings better.”

The Shaw Media-owned channel used its internal resources to develop and deliver the consumer campaign, which launched Monday.

“[The focus now] is to speak to a wide audience and remind people about The Morning Show,” says Sharida German, senior director of marketing for Global News.

The concept is slightly different from last year, in that it speaks to how the newscast can improve the morning blues as opposed to focusing on TV personality Liza Fromer, she adds.

Ads targeting adults age 25-54, skewing female, have been placed on news and editorial websites, and bus sides and transit shelters have also been wrapped with ads.

The channel will be on Toronto streets handing out grocery store gift cards, and offers to pay for diners’ breakfast tabs in restaurants, as well their parking spots, GO transit and TTC fares. The idea is for the channel to give back to the professionals and parents who have a lot on their hands in the mornings, adds German.

“The morning show market is highly serviced, so we wanted to break through and come up with a campaign that was going to get noticed by people,” says German, adding that by tapping into the consumer insight behind the frustrations that come with the morning rush, it’s able to communicate a better understanding of its viewers.

“A lot of our competitors have been in the market much longer than us. But it’s really been gratifying to see traction and growth, and at this stage in the game, we’re consistently meeting or exceeding our audience target,” she adds.


From Media in Canada