Sam Trammell, Josh Close starring in Deadweight

guillame paumier - flickr creative commons

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell is top-lining Deadweight, the second feature from the brother and sister team of Jordan Walker and Leah Walker, now shooting in Sudbury, Ontario.

The indie pic directed by Leah Walker about a young couple at a cottage stumbling onto a violent dispute also stars Josh Close, Lina Roessler and Laura Harris (Defying Gravity).

Neophyte Productions is producing Deadweight, in association with Buck Productions, with Jordan Walker sharing the producer credits with Justin Kelly.

Jordan Walker, Leah Walker and MacGregor Austin-Olsen penned the movie’s script.

The film’s executive producers are Sean Buckley, Michael Levine, Tom Walden, Eric Birnberg and John Kozman.