WGC, CMPA and APFTQ ratify new writers pact

The deal gives writers an immediate 2% minimum script fee increase, followed by another 2% in January 2013 and 1% in January 2014.

The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC), the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) and the Association des producteurs de films et du Télévision de Québec (APFTQ) said Monday that all parties have ratified the new Writers Independent Production Agreement (IPA).

The pact sets the terms of engagement until Dec. 31, 2014. It governs English-language screenwriting in Canada.

The agreement includes an immediate 2% increase to the minimum script fee with another 2% increase kicking in in January 2013. Another 1% increase comes into force in January 2014.

The screenwriters also receive a 1% increase to retirement contributions paid on fees, which will roll-out over the term of the agreement.

The deal also includes the establishment of minimum rates for screenwriting in animation, the groups said in a joint statement. Other aspects covered include higher thresholds for low-budget documentaries, and a new feature film incentive option.

The deal was ratified by the CMPA and by the WGC membership on Oct. 25, , and by the APFTQ on Monday.