Vik Sahay joins Satisfaction ensemble comedy pilot

The Canadian actor is to play an eccentric dental hygienist in the single camera sitcom from executive producer Tim McAuliffe (pictured) and indie producer DHX Media.

Veteran Canadian actor Vik Sahay of NBC’s Chuck has joined the CTV single camera ensemble comedy pilot for Satisfaction.

Los Angeles-based Sahay will play a dental hygienist with a fancy for Calcite Crystals, medieval samurai battle re-creations and sprinkling heavily-accented Spanish words into every day conversation.

Sahay did a recent star turn in Sean Garrity’s My Awkward Sexual Adventure indie film.

Satisfaction is produced by DHX Media and written and executive produced by Tim McAuliffe (Up All Night, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon).

The comedy portrays a twenty-something couple who rent a room out to a newly single young man who hopes to learn from his friends the secrets to a great relationship.

Satisfaction will start shooting in Toronto at the end of October.