John Barrack works with iThentic on iFestivus online platform

The former Canadian Media Production Association COO (pictured) is working at the nexus of online communities and live events to develop business opportunities.

Former Canadian Media Production Association COO John Barrack is partnering with iThentic principals Catherine Tait and Jonas Diamond on iFestivus, which uses Facebook and iPads to create a live event for film festivals.

Barrack, who is set up at marblemedia after recently leaving the indie producers association, will work initially with iThentic to create an online platform to extend film festivals to the digital generation.

The partners will then look to possibly develop additional applications for the live concert and live theatre spaces.

“There’s a limit on the number of seats at live events, and many are too expensive for many consumers,” Barrack told Playback about creating a live event experience online, using social media and other digital applications.

For film festivals, iFestivus, which has financial backing from the Canada Media Fund, aims to showcase films with screenings and director and star interviews for cinephiles that can’t attend festivals in person.

“This gives the festivals an opportunity to expand their base, and for fans to participate in a festival that already received their tax dollars,” Barrack explained.

Besides his legal and consulting business, Barrack has since leaving the CMPA been exploring new business opportunities at the crossroads of online communities and live events.

A signpost is the music industry, which has been hobbled by digital technologies, but still managed to create live events online via social media for its music product.

“From my perspective, film festivals are great, but what about rock concerts and live theatre?” Barrack questioned.