CMF invests $14M in 25 digital media projects

Investments in digital projects like games, apps and interactive websites range from $175,000 to $1 million in the latest round of the Experimental Stream production support program.

The Canada Media Fund said Monday it invested $14 million in 25 interactive digital media projects in the latest round of its Experimental Stream’s production support program.

Smokebomb Entertainment’s Backpackers, a rich interactive media site featuring both a straight play digital series and choose-your-own-adventure model series; Outlast, a bilingual downloadable game from Quebec-based Red Barrels Inc.; and bilingual streaming game World War Machine from Montreal-based Jeff Hattem Productions, all received $1 million in investment.

And smartphone and tablet game app Evil Empire from Toronto-based XMG Studio, received $956,100, while TriMirror Virtual Fitting, from Toronto-based Quakeup Media Production, received $952,760.

Bitlife, an action game application from Bitstrips Inc., received an investment of $873,714.

Interactive media app Taste Filter, from Montreal-based TasteFilter Inc. was earmarked for $750,000; social media “live event experience” app iFestivus, from iThentic Canada, received backing of $747,869; and The Amazing Vehicle Project, a bilingual downloadable game from Quebec-based Minority Media Inc. received $735,000.

And both from Quebec-based Frima Studio Inc., downloadable game Chariot, set in a steam punk-inspired medieval industrial society, received a $624,163 investment, while downloadable interactive CosmoCamp, which features four readalong storybooks and interactive toys, gets backing of $532,170.

Robin Hood!, a downloadable game from B.C.-based Hothead Games, in which players can construct and upgrade their Sherwood Forest village to battle Prince John, received a $675,951 share, while web game Project Champions, from Tribal Nova Inc., received $635,000.

And, an interactive media website for infographic creation, sharing and management, from Venngage Marketplace Production, received $556,569.

Iron Skies, a downloadable strategy game from Manitoba-based Complex Games Inc. received $478,044 share; crowd-sourced tool AXSMap Inc., which helps track wheelchair accessibility of businesses and places, from AXS Map, is backed with $468,191; Studio in the Sky, from unnamed co 2284372 Ontario Inc. received $422,625 share; web doc for gamers Fort McMurray, from Quebec-based Toxa Inc., received $376,189; and Burgundy Jazz, an interactive media app from Quebec-based Catbird Productions Inc. received $360,000.

And Chat Fu, from Blot Interactive Inc. received $342,112; online game Little Bandits was earmarked for $328,171; game app PuzzleAxe from Trimone Inc. received $252,000 share and Rollers of the Realm, from Toronto-based Phantom Compass, a mash-up game combining role-playing games and pinball, was earmarked for $221,784.

Elsewhere, Cirrus Communications’ game app DoodleBook received $180,000 in funding, while Lettre magique PNP from Montreal-based UgroupMedia Inc., received $175,000.

The Experimental Stream supports innovative interactive digital media content and software applications.

Projects in production were selected by a jury of Canadian and international industry experts.

The CMF will later this month announce projects that will receive funds for marketing support and development support from the Experimental Stream.