Fantasia to show updated In the Belly of the Dragon


The upcoming Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal is to screen a restored digital version of Yves Simoneau’s classic 1989 sci-fi comedy In the Belly of the Dragon.

The Aug. 2 presentation, in HD, will include a roundtable discussion by the film’s director and actors, including Simoneau, Michel Côté, Pierre Curzi, Remy Girard, Andrée Lachapelle, David and Marie Lahaie Tifo.

“Imagine the atmosphere on set with all these great actors together. A formidable armada and irresistible! Whenever I think of this film, a smile rises to my lips,” Simoneau said in a statement ahead of the Fantasia tribute.

In the Belly of the Dragon will also be available on the local illico channel 900 from Aug. 3.

The classic Quebec film was digitized in HD from the original negative, and the magnetic tape 35 mm in the mix.

Because the negative was well preserved, minimal restoration was required, more removal of dust and erasing some scratches was required.

The 16th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival kicks off on July 19, and runs for three weeks.