Payback awards honour CFC volunteers


A packed crowd took to Toronto’s Varsity Cinemas Wednesday night to recognize four outstanding CFC volunteers at the 2012 Payback Awards.

For the 13th year, Playback joined the organization to spotlight the volunteers for their commitment and contribution to CFC’s productions.

This year, Payback awards were given to:

– location sound recordist Bissa Scekic, who has worked with the CFC for more than 10 years;

– stunt coordinator Neil Davison, who clocked more than 160 hours on CFC productions just this year, including on three of the five short films produced this year;

– electric/gaffer Ryan Hernandez, who this year logged more than 350 hours on nine projects over 35 days and

– Arc Productions VFX producer Tony Matthews, whose work on 2012 CFC short film Frost was championed.

Staff writer Danielle Ng-See-Quan represented Playback at the event.

As well, the CFC’s five 2012 short dramatic films also screened at the event, including The Offering, about a lonely man who connects with a trio of down-on-their-luck vampires; Rattan, about the evil spirit of a pimp that possesses a rattan wicker basket; Rishi’s World, about a 10-year-old who, after spending his life locked in a room with his mother and sister, might be freed from the prison of his normal life; Dreemer, about a powerless teenager’s subconscious seeping into the real world; and Frost, following an indigenous arctic hunter’s struggle for survival in a technologically advanced civilization.

Production credits on the CFC’s 2012 Short Dramatic Films are:

The Offering

Director: Christian Sparkes
Writer:  Jane Maggs
Producers:  Chris Agoston, Sandra Paolucci
Editor:  Luke Sargent
Director of photography:  Scott McClellan
Production designer: James Van Der Kleyn
Music:  Tristan Capacchione
Cast: Aidan Devine, Jordan Pettle, Peyton Kennedy, Laura Nordin


Director: Samuel Kiehoon Lee
Writers: Sara Mitchell & Surita Parmar
Producers: Kevin Kincaid & Laura Perlmutter
Editor: Heath Fashina
Director of photography: Colin Akoon
Production designer: Maggy Monceaux
Music: Vikas Kohli (Fatlabs)
Cast: Kimberly-Sue Murray, Matthew G. Brown, Amber Goldfarb, Johnathan Sousa, Jan Caruana, Melissa Hood, Trevor Hayes

Rishi’s World

Director: Svjetlana Jaklenec
Writer: Megan Wennberg
Producers: Laura Perlmutter & Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith
Editor: Richard Mandin
Director of photography: Maya Bankovic
Production designer: Marian Wihak
Music: Justin Small & Ohad Benchetrit
Cast: Amber Goldfarb, Ethan Hektor, Ian Matthews & Molly Hektor


Director: Jeremy Ball
Writer: Jeremy Ball
Producer: Lauren Grant
Co-producer: Robert Munroe
Editor: Richard Mandin
Director of Photography.: Guy Godfree
Production Designer: James McAteer
Costume designer: Alex Kavanagh
Music: Andrew Lockington
Cast: Emily Piggford, Oscar Hsu, Lara Daans


Director: Laura Dawe
Writer: Laura Dawe
Producers: Chris Agoston, Peter Harvey
Editor: Jorge Weisz
Director of photography: Samy Inayeh
Production designer:  Helen Kotsonis
Cast: Jenessa Grant, Vladimir Cubrt, Patrick Stevenson

Photo: Left to right – Neil Davison, Svjetlana Jaklenec (director of Rishi’s World – accepting on behalf of Bissa Scekic), Playback staff writer Danielle Ng-See-Quan, CFC CEO Slawko Klymkiw, Tony Matthews, Ryan Hernandez /photograph by David Lee