MuchMusic gets a social rewards program

The channel has posted results from the first month of its MuchCloser program that rewards viewers for visiting its site.

MuchMusic is now rewarding viewers for simply perusing its website.

Whether by watching its videos, reading its blog postings, leaving comments or sharing content, visitors are being gifted with virtual points that can then be used to unlock rewards and trophies.

The point is to raise their ranking in the MuchMusic community and in turn, gain access to exclusive prizes and content.

Since the MuchCloser social rewards program launched in early May, the channel has seen 23,000 people sign up and create an account.

More than one in three users will return daily, according to a Bell Media release.

What’s more, the channel has tracked 325,000 activities, with the actions from registered users increasing by an average of 59% from week to week, according to a release.

MuchMusic will also use the program to further promote the upcoming 12th season of Degrassi, with badges being given to users for watching clips as well as reading and sharing posts about the show.

The novel rewards program arrives at a time when MuchMusic tends to make some noise, with the channel celebrating its 2012 MuchMusic Awards ceremony on Sunday, June 17 at 9 p.m.

From Media in Canada