Cineflix launches Instant Cash tie-in app

instant cash 1

Multi-platform continues to be the buzzword of the day, as broadcasters are demanding more and more new media components to complement their programming, generate revenue and engage their audiences, says Cineflix digital media producer Pablo Salzman.

It’s this demand that led to the launch of Cineflix’s new free Instant Cash trivia app, created in collaboration with Shaw Media, game developer ODD1 and U.K.-based tech company Intrasonics, with financial support from the Quebecor Media Fund.

In the Instant Cash TV reality program, contestants are playfully ambushed when attempting to withdraw cash from an ATM. They are then tasked with answering trivia questions and completing challenges, often with the help of total strangers, to win more money.

Salzman says this premise, along with the show’s popularity, made it perfect for a mobile extension.

“We didn’t want to just put up a little microsite or create an app for the sake of creating app, but do something that really–for the users sitting at home–offered them something that they couldn’t [have] before,” he tells Playback Daily.

The app, now available for the iPad and iPhone, allows users to play along with contestants in realtime, completing the challenges and answering trivia questions.

Viewers can also use the app to log in to Facebook to compete against other users and have their scores tracked throughout the season.

The app works by making use of Intrasonics’ second screen sync technology, which matches what appears on a viewer’s phone, with what’s happening on TV.

Over the next couple weeks, Cineflix plans to launch an Android-compatible version of the app, as well as single- and-multiplayer versions, which can be played when the show isn’t on.

Shaw is promoting the app through on-air ads during Instant Cash, on other assets, including its website, and in other marketing that surrounds the show.

Salzman says Cineflix and Shaw have already worked out a revenue model for the app.

“The app contains a number of sponsorship opportunities that we’ll be exploiting with Shaw, as well as an affiliate revenue stream from our trivia suppliers,” he explains.

Instant Cash airs Thursdays at 6 and 6:30 p.m. on TVtropolis.

The Trivia app is available for episodes from Season three of the series, and can be downloaded at