Netflix streaming series Hemlock Grove scouting Toronto for soundstages

The Eli Roth-directed genre project has changed locations from Pittsburgh over a timing issue surrounding the Pennsylvania film tax credit program.

Hemlock Grove, the 13-episode Netflix streaming horror series, is scouting Toronto for sound stages after its faith in the Pennsylvania film tax credit program was shaken by timing issues.

The Gaumont International Television project with Eli Roth as director and executive producer is set in Pittsburgh as a steel town, and chronicles a young girl’s murder where the killer could be a host of frightening people or creatures.

But the project decided to change locations over uncertainty, specifically Gaumont being unable to pre-sell the Pennsylvania tax credits for the 2012-13 fiscal year before the commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s budget comes up for an approval vote on June 30.

Unlike Canadian provinces that have made their film tax credits either permanent or multi-year, Pennsylvania’s tax credit must be approved annually.

The good news for Toronto, besides snagging production on the dark and gory Netflix series, is the U.S. video streaming giant puts big bucks behind its projects.

Hemlock Grove, based on a novel by Brian McGreevy, is top-lined by Famke Janssen (pictured, X-Men) and Bill Skarsgard.

McGreevy and Roth are executive producing, along with Lee Shipman, Eric Newman and Michael Connolly (Battlestar Gallatica).