Playback Indie Survey profile: Tricon Films and Television

The prodco's president, Andrea Gorfolova, tells Playback about expanding business into the U.S. and surpassing distribution goals in 2011.
Tricon Andrea Gorfolova - small

The Playback Independent Production Survey ranks Canadian production companies based on the volume of the Canadian film and TV production they handle in a calendar year. As part of our 2012 survey, covering business activity in 2011, we’re profiling a selection of respondents on their year in 2011 and what’s on tap for 2012.

In 2011, Tricon Films & Television expanded into the U.S., opening a new office in L.A., in addition to putting several new shows through the production pipeline. And the payoff shows in the numbers – Tricon reports an almost 50% increase in 2011 in non-scripted production, compared to the previous year.

Tricon president Andrea Gorfolova says that the company also surpassed its distribution goals. Indeed, the prodco’s distribution arm, which expanded its team this year, saw international sales of docs and one-offs, plus several of its series selling internationally. Ad Persuasion sold to Italy, France and Russia; Restaurant Makeover will reach viewers in Hungary and Italy, and Decked Out found homes in the U.K, Poland, South Africa and New Zealand.

One of the company’s goals for 2012 is to further develop its children’s programming. Here, Gorfolova tells Playback about a busy 2011 for Tricon.

PB: Tell us about the year Tricon had in 2011: did you achieve the benchmarks for your business that you aimed for?

AG: 2011 has been a good indication of the economy picking up some pace.  The post-consolidation in the broadcast industry in Canada has resulted in more commissions, which positively affected Tricon’s business.

We have had several new shows go into production – Love Trap, Game Changers, Ex-wives Rock – as well as additional new seasons of our existing series – Family Under Construction, The Next Star and Marriage under Construction to mention a few.

In addition, after an almost three-year hiatus and 91 episodes completed, Restaurant Makeover has been re-commissioned for another season. We have achieved our benchmark in revenue generation on the production side and have surpassed our goals with our distribution business.

PB: What were some of the highlights? Challenges?

AG: The main challenges in factual and lifestyle business are always finding good talent and subjects for compelling programing. The main highlights are always well produced, successful shows. We have also extended Tricon’s business into the U.S. with our new offices opening up in Venice, CA.

PB: What are some of your objectives as a company in 2012? Are there any areas you hope to grow or expand in?

AG: In the next 18 months we will continue to develop and expand relationships with broadcasters and produce new series for present clients and new networks.  Our goal is to increase the number of quality productions produced for Canada and the U.S. Tricon will also be further developing our children’s division, focusing on all genres of children’s programming.

The first two months of 2012 have been Tricon’s busiest in production since our inception almost 12 years ago. It suggests a very successful year ahead. On the distribution side, we have picked up some exciting series which will launch at the international markets this spring and fall.