King builds its case online


In advance of the premiere of its second season on Showcase next Wednesday at 9 p.m., King is being promoted with a six-part online video series and Facebook app.

The online docu-series, titled The King Case Files, was created by Toronto-based Secret Location, and delivers first-hand accounts of the show’s homicide detective, Jessica King, and her team with a mix of show footage and factual interviews with crime experts, such as members of the Toronto Police.

Aimed at leading the largely female audience into the show’s back-story, the three- to four-minute online videos are accompanied by a custom Facebook app called Fanviewr, which brings all information about the show into one space.

“The goal of The King Case Files is to create an addictive desire of discovery, like a window into the real world for fans of King. This strategy will encourage fans to watch show episodes in order to see how the themes and cases unfold,” says James Milward, founder and executive producer, Secret Location.

The King Case Files will be promoted on-air and online across Shaw Media properties, according to a release.

From Media in Canada