Joe Fresh gets in the game with Alliance Films

02-10-12 Hunger Games

The joy of managing a brand like Joe Fresh, Craig Hutchison, SVP of marketing and PR at the company, tells MiC, is being able to partner with companies like Alliance Films around the release of its hotly anticipated movie The Hunger Games.

Similar to a promotion Joe Fresh did late last year with Porter, the partnership with Alliance for The Hunger Games started yesterday with a Facebook contest that gives users a chance to win two airfare tickets to Toronto to attend the premiere of the movie, along with hotel accommodation and a $500 Joe Fresh gift card. The contest runs until March 5, with secondary prize winners getting a pair of tickets to screenings around the country.

Joe Fresh has also created a batch of $10 gift cards emblazoned with the Mockingjay from The Hunger Games, which will be distributed to shoppers who spend over $50 at the store between March 2 and March 23, when the movie comes out in theatres, says Hutchison.

“There will be a limited amount of the gift cards available,” he says. “Hopefully they will end up on eBay after we are sold out.”

The partnership will be promoted through five-second tags on all Canadian ads for The Hunger Games, says Hutchison, as well as through in-store signage at Joe Fresh locations.

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