Markham Films prepping mystery comedy Fit to Print for fall shoot

Photo: Encore Entertainment

Ennis Esmer and Jessica Pare (pictured) are set to star in Fit to Print, the theatrical mystery comedy by writer/director Daniel Perlmutter (Peepers) from indie producer Markham Films.

The indie portrays Leonard Kravitz, a small-town journalist who fakes the news, only to find one of his stories turn out to be true.

Fit to Print, produced by Markham’s Judy Holm and Michael McNamara, is set to start shooting in September 2012.

Perlmutter’s project won the 2009 Telefilm Pitch This! competition at the Toronto International Film Festival, and is currently being developed and packaged at the Canadian Film Centre’s Comedy Lab program.

Toronto-based Markham is also co-producing Hold Fast, a theatrical drama with Rosemary House’s Rock Island Productions, which is to be directed by Justin Simms (Down to the Dirt).

The indie feature portrays a young man forced to move away from his fishing village after his parents are killed in a car crash, and ending up on a road trip.

Rosemary House wrote the Hold Fast screenplay.

No word on casting.

Photo: Encore Entertainment, representing Jessica Pare

Hold Fast is set to start production in May in Newfoundland.