CRTC chair Finckenstein to end term in 2012

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore in a tweet Tuesday signaled the search for a new CRTC chair has already begun.

It’s fitting in the age of social media that Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore on Tuesday signaled on his Twitter account that CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein will end his five-year reign in January 2012, and not be reappointed.

“We thank Mr. von Finckenstein for his service as chair of the CRTC. The selection process of a new CRTC chair will be announced soon,” Moore tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Around the same time, the CRTC chair confirmed via an internal memo that he’ll be gone by January.

A pro-consumer federal government and von Finckenstein have consistently clashed in recent years on a range of issues, including foreign ownership of Canadian telecom assets and usage-based billing for internet subscribers.