Cineflix developing exorcism reality series

Five teenage women training to be satanic exorcists will be portrayed in the upcoming series.

Indie producer Cineflix is returning to Satanic cult-themed programming with an All-American Girls Fighting Satan reality TV series now in development.

The teenage exorcist series is about five teenage girls training to be Christian exorcists that cast out demons under the direction of reverend Bob Larson of the U.S.-based Spiritual Freedom Churches.

On his Spiritual Freedom Church website, Larson touts himself as an exorcism expert who has appeared on TV shows including Oprah, Donahue, Larry King Live, The O’Reilly Factor and CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The website adds that earlier documentaries about his work have appeared on The Discovery Channel, Showtime, The Learning Channel and MSNBC.

Cineflix’s Simon Lloyd and Joe Houlihan are developing the reality series.

The Fighting Satan series follows the indie producer successfully selling internationally the 2009 docu-drama Manson, which recounted the 1960s killing of Hollywood actress Sharon Tate and others by a California satanic cult led by Charles Manson.

Photo: Bible / RikNeethling, Flickr Creative Commons