Alliance Films sells The Bay to Lionsgate for US market


Alliance Films has sold the U.S. distribution rights to Barry Levinson’s The Bay to Vancouver-based Lionsgate.

The found-footage film was produced by Alliance Films in association with IM Global.

The Bay chronicles a biological disaster that starts in Chesapeake Bay as an isopod parasite that carries an untreatable disease.

As the peril moves from fish to people in a small town, the victims capture events on home videos and the web.

The film was directed by Levinson, from a script he co-wrote with Michael Wallach.

Levinson, Jason Blum, Steven Schneider, and Oren Peli share producers credits. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Jason Sosnoff, Colin Strause, and Greg Strause are executive producing.

Alliance will distribute The Bay in Canada, the UK and Spain.