Videotron opens flagship Montreal store

Consumers that play together, purchase new toys together.

Consumers that play together, purchase new toys together.

That’s the thinking behind Videotron’s new flagship Montreal store on Saint-Catherine Street, enabling walk-in visitors to use smartphones, take photos or video of themselves via interactive touch screens, and send email and text messages to friends.

There’s even sound-proof glass booths with 85″ TV screens where consumers can view Videotron’s latest HDTV content.

“The opening of the new Videotron store is part of our effort to deliver the best possible customer experience, anticipate consumers’ technology and entertainment needs, and set ourselves apart from the competition,” Videotron president and CEO Robert Dépatie said as the doors on the cable giant’s downtown Infinity location swung open.

Videotron, currently locked in a battle with phone giant BCE for market share in Quebec, has rolled out its own digital cable service, Illico Digital TV, and a residential and mobile phone services to reach local consumers.

Videotron already shops its varied products at counters in its SuperClub Vidéotron locations, or at Archambault stores and standalone stores in Quebec shopping malls.

Dépatie added the high-tech flagship store in Montreal aimed to boost the cable giant’s profile as it looks to showcase its lead-edge products.