Dinicol, Kash, Colantoni and Foley enter Servitude


Joe Dinicol, Linda Kash, Enrico Colantoni and Dave Foley have jumped on board Servitude, Warren Sonoda’s waiter rebellion comedy from Buck Productions and Victory Man Productions now in production.

Dinicol is to play a dissatisfied waiter at the Ranch Steakhouse theme-restaurant who joins up with his fellow employees to take over eatery for one glorious, revenge-filled night.

Dinicol is also joined by John Bregar, Rachel Skarsten, John Boylan, Lauren Collins, Aaron Ashmore, Jayne Eastwood and Margot Kidder.

Servitude is the first theatrical comedy script to be pushed into production as part of an incubator program at the Canadian Film Centre backed by Telefilm Canada in a bid to boost the boxoffice for homegrown Canadian films.

The indie Canadian pic is based on a script by Michael Sparaga (Sidekick), and will be released domestically by Maple Pictures.

Sparaga and Sean Buckley (Hank & Mike) share the producer credits.