Comedy’s back in Canadian primetime

Could it be that comedy has returned from ratings purgatory? This young season's numbers certainly suggest it.

One week into the fall TV season, Glee returned strong for Global Television with 2.18 million viewers, and CTV has in The Big Bang Theory quite possibly a Friends-sized franchise on Thursday night with a whopping 3.11 million total viewers, according to BBM Canada PPM data.

Other comedy winners last week included Modern Family for Citytv, up double digits from its 2009 premiere, and the A Channels on Monday nights launching a comedy block with Two And a Half Men pulling in 1.33 million total viewers, while the rookie series Mike & Molly grabbed 894,000.

Other strong openings last week included Blue Bloods performing for CTV on Friday night with 2.12 million total viewers, and $#*! My Dad Says on Sunday night with 1.48 million viewers, despite poor reviews.

Citytv held its own Thursday night with the NBC comedies Community and 30 Rock, but the CBS decision to shake up TV’s biggest night with The Big Bang Theory and $#*! My Dad Says ­ portends stiff competition for Rogers’ marquee sitcoms.

Dramas produced a few stand-outs. House returned strongly for Global Television to win Monday night with 2.69 million total viewers, followed by perennials like The Mentalist on CTV Thursday night with 2.64 million viewers, and Criminal Minds on Wednesday with 2.63 million viewers.

And Citytv could claim a victory with the Monday mystery thriller The Event, which won the night in Toronto with an 8.7 rating.

Story updated Tuesday, September 28 at 11:00.