Canwest aboard Titanic


Canwest Global Communications Corp. has jumped aboard the Titanic.

The broadcaster is to air the four-part $15 million mini-series entitled Titanic now being developed by ITV Studios in Britain about the sinking of the unsinkable transatlantic vessel.

Sienna Films has signed on to the Canadian-British co-production with UK partners Lookout Point and Deep Indigo Productions.

News of the Sienna Films co-produced Titanic mini-series follows rival Canadian producer The Fremantle Corp. joining with Italian partner DAP to develop the $28 million, 12-hour mini-series Titanic: The Untold Story of How it All Began, scheduled for a May 2011 shoot in Ireland.

The Titanic doc project is the latest in a slate of TV programming from Toronto-based Fremantle and DAP as part of an overall co-production pact.