Cuppa filling up

Glenn Martin DDS

Cuppa Coffee Studios is getting a bigger home, expanding its downtown Toronto digs by 30,000 square feet. That’s on top of the animation shop’s current 50,000 square feet. The bigger, adjoining space will include 30 more stages for a total of 70 stop-motion stages.

‘With two stop-motion series a year along with two Flash series and a crew of close to 300, the studio is almost at capacity,’ said president and executive producer Adam Shaheen in a release. ‘With the new addition of space we will now be able to expand all aspects of our production — offering up the scale now needed to service feature work.’

Cuppa Coffee is currently shooting seasons two of Glenn Martin, DDS for Nick at Nite and Ugly Americans for Comedy Central. It’s also the company behind such series as the adult-targeted Life’s a Zoo and kid-friendly fare like Bruno and Tigga and Togga. Shaheen says he is in discussions to produce two stop-motion features over the next three years.