Kyla Plewes

Film, Video and Integrated Media Program, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, B.C.

Kyla Plewes started in visual arts with an interest in painting but quickly realized her true love was filmmaking. The 21-year-old fourth-year student is currently completing her graduating project – an HD short film that she wrote, directed, shot and edited. The drama explores the strain to a female friendship caused by a young woman’s relationships with men.

‘There is a quiet intensity to her work that is quite compelling and very fresh,’ says Peg Campbell, former head of the film department at Emily Carr (she is currently on sabbatical), who instructed Plewes last semester.

‘She handles stories of female friendship with a delicate touch and not at a superficial level – she gets to the heart of the complexities of these relationships,’ Campbell continues. ‘As a director she brings out quality performances in actors and has a strong eye for images. She is also an accomplished editor who shows just enough to make you want to see more, but leaves you satisfied with what you saw.’

Plewes plans to continue her education at a Masters level, with a focus on editing. She would like to work as an editor for experienced directors, and ultimately aspires to write and direct her own stories that challenge female representation in film.

‘The depictions of women relationships in film often play it safe,’ says Plewes. ‘This may be due to the lack of female presence in the industry. A film with a fresh female lead character can have universal appeal, and my career aspiration is to create films that take that risk.’