Cuppa Coffee ramps up 2D productions

Cuppa Coffee Studios, best known for its stop-motion productions, is expanding its 2D capabilities with the new Flash-animated series Ugly Americans for Comedy Central.

The Toronto-based prodco says it has established a department entirely devoted to Flash productions and is now working on the adult-skewing Americans, slated for an early 2010 release. The new Flash production division boasts 50 Mac-based stations equipped with 21-inch Cintiqs and an HD suite.

‘We’re known predominantly for our stop motion shows and for the techniques we’ve pioneered over years of perfecting the production process,’ commented Cuppa Coffee president Adam Shaheen in a release, adding, ‘Now we’re applying those principles to a different medium and building upon our previous successes.’

Americans, created by David M. Stern and Devin Clark, is about an alternate New York in which a human social worker helps creatures from horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies adapt to life as ordinary citizens.