Marblemedia brings back Mom

Toronto shop buys rights to game show, looking to add dads to updated version

Just Like Mom is looking to make a comeback via marblemedia, which has picked up the rights to the 1980s game show with an eye to turning out a new version.

The new series, Just Like Mom… and Dad, will build on the premise of the original, which saw mother-and-child teams test their knowledge of each other through Q&As and a trademark baking competition. The original ran on CTV from 1980 to 1985, achieving a sort of cult status with kids of that era, and continues to rerun higher up the dial on GameTV and GSN.

‘So much has changed since it went off air, especially the role of mothers, and we want to reflect these changes in our new version of the series while still adhering to the creativity and fun of the original concept,’ said marblemedia’s Mark Bishop in a statement.

Original series creator and co-host Catherine Swing is attached as a creative consultant.

The Toronto shop (The Adrenaline Project, This Is Daniel Cook) is looking to link with a broadcaster and go into production in 2010.