NFB’S 12 Oscar wins

There is still no better measure of success in the film world than taking home an Oscar. And Canada’s National Film Board has a whopping dozen to its credit so far.

Four of the NFB’s Oscars were for docs, which is rather fitting since its first film commissioner, John Grierson, coined the term ‘documentary’.

Over seven decades, NFB productions or copros have received 70 Oscar nominations, including nods for its world-class animation such as the hilarious animated feature The Big Snit or the short animated number The Cat Came Back, both of which are now available for screening on its website at

NFB films have also won a staggering 90-plus Genie Awards and taken home 20 prizes from the world’s reigning film festival in Cannes, France.

In fact, the NFB has won more than 5,000 international and Canadian prizes in its 70 years, which is cause for celebration in itself. Better yet, watch any of these Oscar winners at

Churchill’s Island
National Film Board production; United Artists. [Canada]
1941 (14th) * Documentary (Short Subject) – National Film Board
National Film Board production; Arthur Mayer-Edward Kingsley, Inc. [Canada]
1952 (25th) * Documentary (Short Subject) – Norman McLaren, producer

The Sand Castle
National Film Board production
1977 (50th) * Short Film (Animated) – Co Hoedeman, producer

I’ll Find a Way
National Film Board production. [Canada]
1977 (50th) * Short Film (Live Action) – Beverly Shaffer, Yuki Yoshida, producers

Special Delivery
National Film Board production. [Canada]
1978 (51st) * Short Film (Animated) – Eunice Macaulay, John Weldon, producers

Every Child
National Film Board production. [Canada]
1979 (52nd) * Short Film (Animated) – Derek Lamb, producer

If You Love This Planet
National Film Board production. [Canada]
1982 (55th) * Documentary (Short Subject) – Edward Le Lorrain,
Terri Nash, producers

Flamenco at 5:15
National Film Board production. [Canada]
1983 (56th) * Documentary (Short Subject) – Cynthia Scott,Adam Symansky, producers

Honorary Award
1988: To the National Film Board in recognition of its 50th anniversary and its dedicated commitment to originate artistic, creative and technological activity and excellence in every area of filmmaking.

Bob’s Birthday
Snowden Fine Animation for Channel Four/National Film Board production. [U.K./Canada]
1994 (67th) * Short Film (Animated) – Alison Snowden, David Fine

Copperheart Entertainment and National Film Board production. [Canada]
2004 (77th) * Short Film (Animated) – Chris Landreth

The Danish Poet
Mikrofilm and National Film Board production; National Film Board. [Norway/Canada]
2006 (79th) * Short Film (Animated) – Torill Kove