Meteor, Hybride pumped blood into 300

Two Montreal post houses will see their handiwork, amid much hooplah, on the big screen this week as the heavily CG’ed action pic 300 arrives in theaters Friday via Warner Bros.

The film — reworked by director by Zack Synder (Dawn of the Dead) from the gory graphic novel by Frank Miller (Sin City) — shot in Montreal last winter and had much of its post-production passed to Hybride and Meteor Studios.

‘We’re really proud of the work we’ve done here,’ says Meteor GM Ghislain St-Pierre, nodding to the work at Hybride and other local shops.

Meteor had some 70 staffers working on the picture for most of last year — posting about 250 shots, led by visual effects supervisor Jamie Price and 300 art director Grant Freckleton (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.)

‘The movie’s pretty gory,’ says Price, noting the shop’s use of Maya, RenderMan and RealFlow for all the ‘spraying blood.’

The Hybride crew turned out 540 shots, adding up to 45 minutes of the two-hour movie, which recounts a three-day-long battle between Greece and Persia in 480 BC. Elements by the Piedmont, QC-based company include a large wolf, a 100,000-man army and still more spattered blood and gore, turned out under the direction of Daniel Leduc, who also worked on the 2005 Miller adaptation Sin City.

Hybride president Pierre Raymond is hailing the project as a milestone for the company and the ‘emergence of a new cinematographic style.’

Like Sin City, the look of 300 is modeled closely on the original book — soaked in high-contrast golds, reds and blacks. It stars Gerard Butler (Beowulf & Grendel) as the Greek king, along with Rodrigo Santoro (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle) and Lena Headley (The Brothers Grimm).