Gentleman Mossanen

Writer Moze Mossanen is in the Gemini race for best writing in a dramatic program or miniseries with his dramatic script about a group of gay men during the post-World War ii era.

Titled My Gentleman Friends, the feature-length film, which originally aired on Bravo! in April, was written and directed by Mossanen – who jokes that he also coproduced, baked cookies, made drapes and whatever else needed to be done. The end result of his multiple tasks is not only the Gemini nomination but also a great deal of critical praise.

The film explores the lives of gay adults in the late ’40s to early ’50s – and shows how a filmmaker documenting the gentlemen begins to re-examine her own life and relationship with her husband. Or, as Mossanen puts it, ‘It’s about a bunch of old queens sitting around, shooting the shit.’ He is kidding, of course. A lighthearted individual, Mossanen is reluctant to summarize his story as he feels that a black-and-white synopsis makes the film sound deathly serious. ‘There is a lot of humor and comedy in it,’ he says.

Having been at the helm of programs like The Jane Show and Dance for Modern Times, Mossanen has never had anyone other than himself direct his work. He finds the process of writing very personal and enjoys seeing it through to production. ‘I think that the stuff you write yourself ends up being much more immediate for you as an artist and director,’ he says. ‘Because you’ve written it, it becomes that much more important to you.’

Mossanen is locked in to direct his new feature project The Rings of Saturn, for which he also wrote the script. However, he does hope to direct the work of another writer. Although writing is his favorite part of the process, Mossanen says, ‘I see myself as a director as well, and I love interpreting other people’s work.’

Dustin Dinoff