CFC picks The Family Man

The Canadian Film Centre has selected Jim Allodi’s The Family Man as the next film to be produced through the Feature Film Project. Directed and written by Allodi, with Nick de Pencier producing, The Family Man marks Allodi’s feature debut and is the first ffp film to be shot entirely on digital video.

Allodi and de Pencier previously worked together as film residents at the cfc, where they collaborated on the short film Cold Feet. Allodi’s credits include the shorts Link-up (1994) and Fragments (1995). De Pencier has produced numerous documentaries, including last year’s acclaimed Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles.

The Family Man stars Chris Owens (The X-Files) as John Toma, whose 30-year-old childlike sister Celia is in the habit of bringing home unsupervised babies. The film is slated to begin a 23-day shoot Sept. 22.

Past films from the Feature Film Project include Clutch, Cube and this year’s ffp offering, Too Much Sex.