And the nominees are. . .

Following are this year's Hot Docs nominees:...

Following are this year’s Hot Docs nominees:

Program Nominees

Best Arts

* Brakhage – Jim Shedden, director; Alexa-Frances Shaw, Ron Mann, producers

* Les Enfants de Refus Global – Manon Barbeau, director; Eric Michel (National Film Board), producer

* Sky Bones – Marielle Nitoslawska, director/producer

Best Arts/Culture/Biography – Broadcaster

* Elemental (cbc) – Patricia Smith-Strom, director/producer

* Life & Times: Glenn Gould (cbc) – David Langer, director/producer

* Life & Times: June Callwood (cbc) – Alan Mendelsohn, director/producer

* Life & Times: W.O. Mitchell (cbc) – David Langer, director/producer

Best Biography

* Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians: When We Danced – Sam Pecoraro, director; Peter Gentile, producer

* Let It Come Down – Jennifer Baichwal, director; Baichwal, Nick de Pencier, producers

* The Love Prophet and the Children of God – Abbey Jack Neidik, director; Neidik, Irene Angelico, producers

* Tickling the Dragon’s Tail: The Story of Louis Slotin – Tom Radford, director; Brenda Hennig, producer

Best Cultural

* Croire – Lina Moreco, director; Nicole Lamothe (nfb), producer

* Les Dames du 9e – Catherine Martin, director; Claude Cartier, producer

* House of Dreams – Guy Sprung, director; Ian McLaren, producer

* The pINCO Triangle – Patrick Crowe, Ruthe Whiston, directors; Keith Clarkson, producer

* Thai Girls – Sun-Kyung Yi, director/producer

Best Feature

* Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows – Paul Jay, director; Jay, Sally Blake, David Ostriker, producers

* Intelligence – Kevin McMahon, director; Michael McMahon, producer

* A Place Called Chiapas – Nettie Wild, director; Wild, Betsy Carson, Kirk Tougas, producers

* Quest for the Lost Tribes – Simcha Jacobovici, director; Jacobovici, Elliott Halpern, producers

* Survivants de L’Apocalypse – Richard Boutet, director; Bernard Lalonde, Johanne Bergeron, producers

Best History

* Deadly Seas – Mala Rayner, director; Michael Maclean, producer

* The Last Stand of Salvador Allende – Patricio Henriques, director; Henriques, Robert Cornellier, producers

* The Man Who Might Have Been – John Kramer, director; Gerry Flahive (nfb), producer

* Scarred By History – Guo Fangfang, director; Murray MacDonald, producer

* War of 1812 – Brian McKenna, director; Arnie Gelbart, producer

Best Political

* It Takes a Child – Judy Jackson, director; Jackson, Deborah Parks, producers

* Kanata – Rene Sioui Labelle, director; Jacques Menard, Jacques Vallee, producers

* Road from Kampuchea – Anne Henderson, director; Henderson, Margaux Quimet, producers

* Stoned: Hemp Nation on Trial – Russell S. Bennett, Sarah Jane Flynn, directors; Bennett, producer

Best Political/Social

Issue – Broadcaster

* Blood on the Coal (cbc) – Geoff D’Eon, director/producer

* Reefer Madness II (cbc) – Vishnu Mathur, director/producer

* Witness: In Security (cbc) – Robin Benger, director; Chris Sumpton, producer

Best Science/Technology/ Environment – Broadcaster

* Before Their Time (tvontario) – David Way, director/producer

* Out of the Shadows (cbc) – Carol Moore-Ede, director/producer

* Up Close and Personal: The Ecology of David Suzuki (cbc) – Caroline Underwood, director/producer

Best Science/Technology/ Environment

* Journey to the Sea of Ice – John Foster, Janet Foster, directors/producers

* Life on the Vertical – Monty Bassett, director/producer

* Walking with Grizzlies – Ian Herring, director/producer

Best Series – Broadcaster

* Life & Times (cbc) – various directors; Susan Dando, producer

* The Nature of Things (cbc) – various directors/producers

* Witness (cbc) – various directors; Hilary Armstrong, producer

Best Series – Independent

* The Cola Conquest – Irene Angelico, Abbey Neidik, directors; Angelico, Amy Webb, producers

* Living in the City – Robert Cornellier, Patricio Henriquez, directors; Cornellier, Henriquez, Raymonde Provencher,


* The New Ice Age: A Year in the NHL – Peter Raymont, Joseph Blasioli, directors; Raymont, Blasioli, Maria Pimenthal, producers

Best Short

* Beyond Belief – Chris Mullington, director; Mullington, Edmund Eagan, producers

* God Comes as a Child – Jeremiah Hayes, director; Hayes, Glen Salzman, producers

* John Scott: Art & Justice – Michael McNamara, director/producer

* Nine – Andrea Dorfman, director/producer

* Sunrise over Tiananmen Square – Shui-Bo Wang, director; Donald McWilliams, Barrie Angus McLean (nfb), producers

Best Social Issue

* Doll Hospital – Donna Caruso, director/producer

* Indian Posse – Katerina Cizek, director; Cizek, Catherine Bainbridge, producers

* Loyalties – Lesley Ann Patten, director/producer

* Plaisir Honteux – Michelle Desaulniers, director; Raymond Gravelle, Eliane Dore, producers

* StreetCity – Bay Weyman, director/producer

Craft Nominees

Best Picture Editor

* John Weedmark – Beyond Belief

* Manfred Becker – Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

* Manfred Becker – A Place Called Chiapas

Best Cinematography

* Bruce Chun, Pierre Jodoin – Chamber Music: The Magic Violin

* Andrei Khabad – House of Dreams

* Stefan Nitoslawski – War of 1812

Best Direction

* Allan King – The Dragon’s Egg

* Paul Jay – Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

* Nettie Wild – A Place Called Chiapas

Best Musical Score

* Mark Korven – Before Their Time

* Jean-Louis Negro – Insectia: Wicked Butterfly

* Michael Conway-Baker – Life on the Vertical

Best Writing

* Lina Moreco, Benjamin Leblanc – Croire

* Shui-Bo Wang – Sunrise over Tiananmen Square

Best Overall Sound

* Steven Barden, Gary Bruckner, Sue Conley, Keith Elliott, Daniel Wright – Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

* Velcrow Ripper – A Place Called Chiapas

* Dwayne Newman, Lisa Swarbirck, Adrian Tucker, Dante Winkler – Quest for the Lost Tribes