New home

for Imprint...

for Imprint

Imprint executive producer Stan Lipsey and producer Leanna Crouch have taken tvontario’s weekly half-hour cultural/literary series west – Queen Street West – and traded in its ‘ivory basement’ studio for downtown hot spot, The Left Bank.

The move marks a significant turning point in Imprint’s five-year history, says Crouch, one which will make the program more accessible while still maintaining its intelligence.

The idea to take Imprint out of the controlled atmosphere of the studio came to Crouch after watching friends react to the show. ‘They jeered, they laughed, they heckled, they applauded. Imprint is the kind of show that needs response and we hope to capture that on tape with a live audience.’

As for picking one of the city’s trendiest eateries as Imprint’s new set?

Admittedly, Crouch hopes to integrate the image of the show with the image of The Left Bank, but insists it is not trying to cash in on the restaurant’s popularity. Says Crouch: ‘Of course there is a mutual benefit involved. We’re billing the show `From The Left Bank’ and promoting it not as a taping, but as an event. We’ve also retooled the opening of the show to incorporate the exterior of the restaurant and will be bringing in people at what is normally a slow time, Mondays at 2 p.m.’

Armed with a mobile unit – three cameras and a crew of 20 – Imprint will tape 20 episodes at The Left Bank. Taping began Sept. 20 and runs to March 1995.