Top five new media matchups

How these 10 companies are using strategic partnerships to create scale, buzz and reach in today’s fragmented mediascape.


Stream wrap-up: The online content strategies that shined

The question of whether content creators should diversify or put themselves at the mercy of YouTube dominated debate at the world’s first internet TV market and conference in Santa Monica.


Online series creators urged to embrace video syndication model

To secure as broad an audience as possible, producers should go global and publish video on hundreds of web sites, rather than rely on one destination site (Chill’s Marc Hustvedt pictured).


Case study: Yahoo!’s Burning Love as breakout online drama

The spoof of TV dating competition shows grabbed over 11 million views during its first season before jumping to the E! network.


Morgan Spurlock on becoming a major web series player

The Super Size Me star (pictured) says content creators need to find multiple platforms for their product to survive and thrive in today’s fast-changing media landscape.


Stream13: Top content creators on success in internet TV

Digital technology has broadcast and broadband players coming together in a delicate dance to produce interchangeable original series for a cross-platform audience (Vuguru’s Larry Tanz pictured).

Copied from Media in Canada - YahooScreen

Yahoo! Canada Screen looks to expand Canuck partnerships

Head of media network Dan Unger tells Playback that the company is looking to acquire and create original content that’s “localized for the Canadian experience.”