Francophone Minority Program

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CMF invests $7.5M across 13 projects

Dramas Mont-Rouge and Eaux Turbulentes received the lion’s share of the funding through the Francophone Minority Program.

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CMF awards $2.7M across five projects

Carte Blanche Films’ Amelie et Compagnie received the lion’s share of the funding, with more than $800,000 going to the TFO series and its digital media component.

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CMF invests $8.1M through Francophone Minority Program

The funder backed a total of 15 projects, including a $1.16 million investment in Slalom Productions TV drama Malediction de Jonathan Plourde.

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CMF awards $2.9M across six projects

The Francophone Minority Program dished out funds to programs including Mehdi & Val and Vague d’Acadie.

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CMF awards $8.1M through Francophone Minority Program

This round of funding is awarded to 23 television and digital media projects from across the country.

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CMF awards $4.7M through Francophone Minority Program

Eighteen productions qualify for funds in the program, which supports projects relfecting the reality of living in French-language communities outside Quebec.


CMF supports 19 diverse projects with $7.8M

The new Anglophone Minority Program disbursed funds to six projects, and 13 projects in the Francophone Minority Program also received funding.


CMF invests $8.9M in 31 projects

The Canada Media Fund invested $1.3 million in Aboriginal program projects, $2 million in the diverse languages program, and $5.6 million in 18 Francophone minority projects.


Twenty projects named in CMF minority program

The first round of the Aboriginal and Francophone Minority Program is being supported with a $9 million contribution.