Anita Ondine


Transmedia: Saviour for Canadian TV, or its successor? Part 3

Here’s a surprise: Canada is awash in production dollars for transmedia. In the third and final instalment of our series on cross-platform production, Playback tells producers where the treasure is buried, and how to raise it from funders.

01-24-11 Tim Burton Cadavre Exquis

Transmedia: Saviour for Canadian TV, or its successor? Part 2

Playback Daily shows producers how to take advantage of low barriers to entry in transmedia production to develop, produce and distribute content that catches on like catnip with audiences.

01-23-12Merging Media TO Workshop 031

Transmedia: Saviour for Canadian TV, or its successor? Part 1

The first in a three-part series of articles exploring how transmedia is encouraging new approaches to content creation, based on collaboration of skills as opposed to “assembly line” production.

12-21-11 Anita Ondine

How transmedia is about creating order out of chaos

Keynote speaker Anita Ondine tells Canadian broadcasters and producers attending the Merging + Media conference in Toronto that transmedia storytelling means breaking down traditional silos.

12-21-11 Anita Ondine

Talking transmedia with Anita Ondine

The producer and transmedia guru talks to Playback about the challenges of financing projects in the new media space.

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Merging Media and CMPA-BC seek Canucks for transmedia lab

The two-day event will see industry folks – digital media, game design, film & TV – delving into business and creative tools and strategies as they relate to transmedia.