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Inside the Rift: Secret Location’s Sleepy time at Comic-Con


The Toronto-based digital agency unveiled its Oculus Rift experience project for Fox’s Sleepy Hollow at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Orphan Black gets global merch deal


The clones are expanding beyond Canada via a line of hoodies, bobble heads and posters.

Canada shines with coproduction cred in Sicily


Hammering out a coproduction to shoot a film or TV project in picturesque Italy can be a challenge. Who are you going to call? Enter the Canadians.

Who’s up when: Let’s Talk TV


In the first of a series on the CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV, an overview of the hearings this fall and key arguments to be presented.

Child actor protections bill reintroduced in Ontario


An earlier version of the bill died on the order paper when a provincial election was called this spring.

King of gluttony expands Epic Meal Time empire


Harley Morenstein on the challenges of bringing Epic Meal Time to cable, and the bizarre business proposition that he turned down. From Stream

Peace Point eyes more int’l sales with season 2 of Cabin Pressure


With series stars Colin and Justin maximized across Cottage Life properties, the season-two greenlight gives extra heft to the show’s global sales strategy, says exec producer Les Tomlin.

Rogers’ second quarter earnings slide


Overall revenue at the wireless, cable and media giant was virtually unchanged.

CRTC approves DHX Media takeover of Family Channel


Few strings were attached by the regulator as it gave the Teletubbies owner change of ownership approval for its $170 million deal with Bell Media.

CBC, CineCoup and JFL launch comedy accelerator


The winner of the competition will receive $500,000 in production financing for a half-hour comedy special that will air on the CBC.

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