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Mr. Finckenstein goes to Washington


In a speech to an industry forum, the outgoing CRTC chair addresses the challenges of preserving Canadian content in a fractured mediascape.

Astral licence changes could ‘profoundly’ affect Canadian film: CAFDE


A charged atmosphere surrounds the CRTC’s hearings into a group-based approach to French television licencing.

CRTC over-the-top services probe ‘inconclusive’


The regulator says the traditional broadcasting system is not being harmed by over-the-top services like Netflix, but that it will keep monitoring the situation.

Ottawa reintroduces Bill C-32 for fourth attempt at copyright reform


The latest version of the Copyright Modernization Act includes a first-time “notice and notice” regime to compel internet service producers to target serial downloaders.

Industry reacts to CRTC’s group-based license renewals


Positive reaction from the film and TV industry’s unions, guilds and associations is mixed with disappointment around Rogers’ lower CPE and the 5% PNI requirements.

CRTC surprises as internet rate hearing starts


The regulator declines to address retail-customer rates in its review of usage-based billing for wholesale ISPs.

CRTC introduces reality TV category for log books


The TV watchdog looks to distinguish entertaining reality TV shows from sophisticated long-form documentaries.

Banff debates loosening foreign ownership rules for media


A Banff panel tackles the thorny question of separating carriage and content to protect cultural sovereignty in an era of increasing technological change.

ACTRA to CRTC: Online casters should offer, fund Canadian programming


Unions and industry organizations respond to the CRTC’s call for comment on OTT services.

CRTC compels sat TV services to boost local TV station offering


“Canadians in all markets should have access to their local television stations, regardless of how they receive their programming,” said CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein.

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WIFT @ TIFF 2014 - Jillian Tredenick, recipient of the 2014 William F. White Production Manager Mentorship, in front of the screen celebrating her success.

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