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CRTC calls for comment on PPV services


In light of increasing competition from VOD and other services, the Commission is using the current VOD framework as a baseline for the PPV services review, ahead of the PPV license renewal process this fall.

Hollywood criticizes Canada for “deeply flawed” copyright reform bill


Bill C-11 came under fire Friday from a consortium of U.S. industry groups for not doing enough to combat online piracy.

Creative coalition left disappointed by Supreme Court decision on ISPs


Canadian actors, directors, producers and screenwriters: “The principles of the Broadcasting Act continue to be sound but, with this decision, their application remains inconsistent.”

Mr. Finckenstein goes to Washington


In a speech to an industry forum, the outgoing CRTC chair addresses the challenges of preserving Canadian content in a fractured mediascape.

Astral licence changes could ‘profoundly’ affect Canadian film: CAFDE


A charged atmosphere surrounds the CRTC’s hearings into a group-based approach to French television licencing.

CRTC over-the-top services probe ‘inconclusive’


The regulator says the traditional broadcasting system is not being harmed by over-the-top services like Netflix, but that it will keep monitoring the situation.

Ottawa reintroduces Bill C-32 for fourth attempt at copyright reform


The latest version of the Copyright Modernization Act includes a first-time “notice and notice” regime to compel internet service producers to target serial downloaders.

Industry reacts to CRTC’s group-based license renewals


Positive reaction from the film and TV industry’s unions, guilds and associations is mixed with disappointment around Rogers’ lower CPE and the 5% PNI requirements.

CRTC surprises as internet rate hearing starts


The regulator declines to address retail-customer rates in its review of usage-based billing for wholesale ISPs.

CRTC introduces reality TV category for log books


The TV watchdog looks to distinguish entertaining reality TV shows from sophisticated long-form documentaries.

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