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Bell unveils benefits package for $3.38 billion Astral takeover


The phone giant proposes to spend $96 million to develop and produce indie TV programming of national interest, and divest itself of radio stations, to receive regulatory approval for the blockbuster acquisition.

Canada’s overhaul of copyright regime becomes law


Bill C-11 was granted royal assent on Tuesday, ending four attempts to get copyright modernization legislation through Parliament.

New actors’ rights treaty lauded


CMPA president and CEO Michael Hennessy (pictured) says ACTRA played a key role in audiovisual performances treaty.

ACTRA pushes for global arts rights pact


ACTRA National president Ferne Downey tells Beijing conference of the need to finish the international rights treaty in digital age.

EI reforms draw film and TV industry criticism


Directors guild national CEO and exec director Gerry Barr says proposed changes could force talented people out of the industry.

Nova Scotia film industry releases new industry guidelines


The new document sets clear standards for responsibility on set, but allegedly introduces no changes that will up production costs.

Saskatchewan film and TV industry rallies for new tax incentive


Industry reps and the government are set to meet in coming weeks to discuss possible plans for a new tax break.

B.C. theatres raise glasses to new liquor laws


In response to pressure from the industry, the provincial government will now allow alcohol to be served in movie theatres.

Shaw Communications tells CRTC to scrap LPIF subsidy


The cable company tells the regulator a revived Canadian TV ad market means local TV stations no longer need subscriber subsidy.

CRTC calls for comment on PPV services


In light of increasing competition from VOD and other services, the Commission is using the current VOD framework as a baseline for the PPV services review, ahead of the PPV license renewal process this fall.

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