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Directors Guild of Canada site disrupted in attack by hackers


The guild was the target of an online hacking by a group calling itself Obey Sec, and has launched a security sweep to guard against further attacks.

Canadian industry split on how to get local films on TV screens


Playback was on hand in Toronto Wednesday night as filmmakers, distributors and broadcasters debated how best to address the CRTC on getting more homegrown films on broadcast schedules beyond pay TV.

What Telefilm polling reveals about how Canadians watch movies


“Public awareness of homegrown movies leaves much to be desired,” survey results show, as, excluding Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, most Canadians could not recall the last homegrown movie they viewed.

CRTC turns to Canadians to talk TV


CRTC chair Jean-Pierre Blais (pictured) kicks off a public consultation on the TV business Thursday night in Toronto, seeking feedback on programming, technology and viewer access to information.

CRTC unveils new pay-per-view policy


The regulator is giving PPV services more flexibility in their program offerings, including ending a one-week limitation on programming packages.

CBC faced lower revenues due to NHL lockout in 2012


At the pubcaster’s annual public meeting, Suzanne Morris, VP and CFO, says revenues were hit hard by the lockout but that “hockey has returned stronger than ever.”

Hussain Amarshi to keynote Whistler Film Festival


The Mongrel Media topper (pictured) will lead a Summit conference big on panels about a fast-changing Canadian film distribution sector.

Industry offers cautious support for cable unbundling bid


Industry orgs and media execs argue that while the move may increase consumer choice, niche channels may struggle for audience.

Federal government signals cable package unbundling in throne speech


“Our Government believes Canadian families should be able to choose the combination of television channels they want,” Governor-General David Johnston said late Wednesday.

Lisa de Wilde to chair TIFF board


The TVO CEO (pictured) becomes the organization’s first female chair, while StrategyCorp chairman David MacNaughton joins the board of directors.

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WIFT @ TIFF 2014

WIFT @ TIFF 2014 - Jennifer Dettman, Executive Director of Unscripted Content at CBC, speaking about the CBC Business of Broadcasting Mentorship in partnership with WIFT-T.

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