Controller/Director of Finance

Bristow Global Media Inc.

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2018
Bristow Global Media Inc. seeks a Controller/Director of Finance to work with us in order to accurately manage and report our finances. Applicants must be CA Designates with production accounting experience.

The employee will report to the president and CEO of Bristow Global Media Inc. (BGM), and render such services as are customarily required of a Controller/Director of Finance and as may reasonably be required by BGM and/or Kew Media Group Inc., which may include, without limitation, the following::

• Supervising and reporting on the consolidated corporate cash
• Project cash flows on a quarterly/annual basis
• Monitor production loans, funding receivables for invoicing/collection/trigger points
• Review, manage, and coordinate ad-hoc inter-company corporate loan requirements and weekly production cash flow requirements and monitor repayment terms
• Monitor the repayment terms on external production loans to avoid/minimize penalties and interest
• Assist with preparing/reviewing funding applications and agreements on an ad-hoc basis
• Assist with the establishment of production loan financing on an ad-hoc basis

External Financial Reporting:
• Prepare quarterly financial statements, notes package, all related supporting schedules, and reconciliations to ensure the completeness, existence, accuracy, and valuation of balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows
• Perform quarterly intercompany reconciliations at the legal entity and consolidated level
• Coordinate and integrate consolidation adjustments and Kew’s corporate adjustments within BGM and its related production entities
• Schedule and manage the quarterly and annual review/audit process respectively
• Schedule and manage the production financial statement process
• Review the distribution reporting process on a quarterly (financial statement review), semi-annual payout, and annual payout basis

Financial Analysis and Internal Reporting:
• Prepare projected consolidated IFRS financial statements as part of the annual budgeting process
• Manage the flow-through loan process on various productions to ensure production costs and RPTs are fully paid out by legal entity year ends
• Prepare/Manage foreign exchange and distribution MG analysis for new productions for reporting/tax purposes
• Prepare monthly internal Kew banking reports for BGM and any other operating productions
• Prepare monthly internal receivable reports for BGM and any other productions

• Prepare all tax related schedules associated with BGM for both financial statement and tax compliance purposes
• Manage/review the preparation of tax credit calculations for federal and provincial tax credits
• Manage the review/audit process of Canadian corporate income tax, federal and provincial tax credits, and HST accounts
• File and/or coordinate the filing of corporate tax returns and objections (as well as those amended for previous years) to maximize production tax credits and income taxes recoverable
• Manage the financial statements at the legal entity/consolidated level to reduce corporate minimum tax
• Track tax reporting/instalment deadlines for BGM

• Supervise production accounting process (journal entries, trial balance and bank reconciliations) and follow up on monthly closing reports (bank recs, bibles, trial balances, cheque register history, production cost reports) to ensure accurate cut-off
• Attendance at monthly/quarterly finance meetings
• Attendance at bi-weekly production management meetings
• Update the “to do list” to track upcoming financial events and deadlines
• Assist with the incorporation and financial operational setup of new corporations (i.e. opening bank accounts, HST accounts, WSIB accounts, etc)
• Control/monitor/grant/limit access to online banking services at the corporate and production level
• Review supporting documentation for the issuance of payments to third parties/vendors
• Ensure control process are implemented and monitored

Please submit all applications to by May 25, 2018. BGM is an equal opportunity employer. We appreciate all submissions, but only suitable candidates will be contacted for interviews. Thank you.

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